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2016 Eu-SPRI Conference

Exploring new Avenues for Innovation 
and Research Policies




Update: Practical information


Wednesday June 8th is the first day of the main conference program and we would just like to keep you updated with the latest information! Don’t forget to have a look at the website throughout the conference to get the latest updates.


  • Registration will be open at Stadshallen (see map in the practical information folder available on the website):
    • Tuesday 7th June: 17.00-19.00
    • Wednesday 8th June: 08.00-10.00 and 13.00-15.00
    • Thursday 9th June: 08.00-10.00 and 14.00-15.00
    • If you would like to register at any other time, please send a SMS or call Carl (+46-733-091307) or Gabriel (+46-704-507041) and they will happily meet you at Stadshallen within a few minutes (see map in practical information folder available on the website), also outside of regular registration hours.


  • On Wednesday evening (8th June, 19.30-20.00) there will be an organ concert in the cathedral. This is open for all conference attendees and is a great way to experience the cathedral. We have attached the concert program to this e-mail.


  • Don’t miss out our social activities including:
    •    Tuesday 7th June, 17.00-19.00: Reception and mingle in Stadshallen
    •    Wednesday 8th June, 18.30-19.15: Reception and mingle in Stadshallen
    •    Wednesday 8th June, 19.30-20.00: Organ concert in the cathedral
    •    Thursday 9th June, 19.30-23.00: Conference Dinner in AF Borgen (Stora salen)


  • The latest version of the program has been uploaded on the website (version June 7). Please check the details of your own presentation and, if this is the case, your role as chairperson.


  • In the program, information about the special sessions on Thursday afternoon (June 9th, 17:45 - 18:30) has been updated. Please refer to the program for information regarding panellists etc.

o   Track Theme 9 – Panel discussion: the co-organizers of the track will discuss the contributions to Track 9. The aim will be to identify important research needs and outline key elements of a future research agenda in the field.

o   Track Theme 6 – Panel discussion: Session addresses agencies in facilitating and orchestrating innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems. In particular, the panelists focus on instrument experimentation in innovation agencies and the discussion on new roles and the impact of agencies on entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems.


  • The Book of Abstracts is available for download on the conference website (see below). You can easily navigate among the abstracts by clicking on the corresponding abstract, or session, title in the list of contents. The book will not be distributed on paper.



Book of abstracts


The Book of abstracts is now available electronically by clicking the link below. The book is organized according to the order of presentation in the sessions. You can easily navigate among the abstracts by clicking on the corresponding abstract, or session, title in the list of contents.


The book of abstracts will not be provided in a printed at the conference, but will only be distributed electronically. Please consider the environment before printing the PDF, it contains almost 400 pages!


The book of abstracts can be downloaded here.



Updated program and practical information


We warmly welcome you to the conference next week! For you to be able to prepare for the conference, please have a look at the following:


  • The current version of the conference program of May 31, 2016. Please check your own roles as presenters and chairs – things might have changed since the last version of the program! We want to avoid further changes, but those that will have to be made anyway will be added to updated versions of the conference program. Please double check ‘your’ presentation in the electronic version at the start of the conference. You find the program here!


  • Practical information about how to get to Lund from airports, how to find hotels and conference venues as well as information regarding the length of presentations. You find the practical information here!


We look forward to see you in Lund soon.



Late registration fees


The period for regular registration has now ended. We have however decided to lower the 'late registration' fees from 400 euro to between 200 and 250 euro depending on the category. You find the new rates, and registration instructions, here.



Program now available!


A draft program for the EU-SPRI Conference in Lund 2016 is now available for download!


The program has been designed taking into account your availability, and the topics indicated by your submitted keywords. As a conference program is somewhat a “house of cards”, we will not be able to make any major revisions. However, if you notice any big mistakes, please let us know.


As we indicated earlier, we appointed quite a few of you as session chairpersons, without asking for your consent. We sincerely hope that you can perform this role! If not, please let us know!


The program is subject to changes. Please keep an eye on the website for information about updates!


More practical information will follow in due time before the conference. As mentioned earlier, please do not forget to book a hotel room – there might be  a shortage! And regular registration closes on May 13th!



State of affairs - 4th of May


We received more than 240 abstracts. These were sent out to a scientific committee consisting of 80 researchers. Each abstract was sent to at least two reviewers. When the abstract had been submitted to a track theme, one of the reviewers was the track organizer. A great majority (more than 90%) of the reviewers submitted their reviews.


Based on the reviews, the local organizing committee decided to accept 165 abstracts. These have been notified by e-mail, and we have now received confirmation from virtually all authors. Of the responses so far, five have declined to participate. We thus expect somewhere around 160 presentations in the final program. In total, we expect somewhere around 200-225 participants.


The next steps include making a first draft version of the conference program. During the coming week, we will cluster and put the abstracts into the program. We will distribute a draft program to all registered participants as soon as possible, and then finalize the program taking into account potential comments.


Do not forget to register for the conference, by clicking here. You are most welcome to participate without a presentation of your own!


And finally – don’t forget to book your hotel room! Lund is a small town and a shortage of hotels is developing. When you register for the conference, you will be provided with a list of hotels with special rates.



Notifications sent Friday 15th of April


All notifications of acceptance and rejects have been sent out to authors last Friday. It has been brought to our attention that some of these e-mails have not reached the recipients (most likely due to spam filters wrongfully labelling them as spam). If you have submitted an abstract to the conference and yet not received a notification, please send an e-mail to euspri@circle.lu.se as soon as possible!



165 Paper Abstract Proposals accepted for presentations


With the invaluable assistance of the Scientific Committee of the EU-SPRI Lund Conference, the Local Organizing Committee has now decided to accept 165 (out of 244 submissions) Paper Abstract Proposals to be presented at the conference on June 7 – 10.


As we emphasized already in the Call for Paper Abstract Proposals, you are most welcome to attend the conference and participate in the discussions also without making a formal presentation yourself.


If you want to participate, we advise you to register for the conference as soon as possible – the early bird fee is available only until April 17 (click "Registration" above). When you have registered, you will get access to the list of hotels in Lund with which we have agreements. Since we expect a very large number of participants and since Lund is a small city, it is important that you book a hotel very soon – there might be a shortages! Please also encourage interested colleagues and friends to register!


You are most welcome to the conference!



Key Note Speaker: Dirk Pilat

We are very happy to announce that Dirk Pilat has now also accepted to be a key-note speaker. He is the Deputy Director, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, OECD, and coordnated the recent OECD work on “The Innovation Imperative”. He will speak about the OECD Strategy on Innovation. Read more...



Submissions up 50% - Register now!

The Annual EU-SPRI Conference is enjoying tailwinds! We received 241 Paper Abstract Proposals this year – up about 50 percent from last year! This means that the conference really has the possibility of developing into the most central global arena for exchanges on evidence-based innovation (and research) policies. The proposals are now being evaluated and the result will be communicated on April 15.


Also participants not making presentations are most welcome to attend the conference discussions: policy-makers, politicians, journalists, junior researchers, others interested! (Click “registration”: Early Bird is open until April 17: from 100 Euros, including meals, plus budget hotels available.)



Extended deadline: 15th of March!

Few of us are lazy, but it happens that some of us are late. Therefore we want to ease your burden by extending the deadline for the submission of paper abstract proposals. For the same reason, we announce this a few days before we pass the original deadline (which was March 8).


The new deadline is March 15 (23:59 Central European time) - there is however no plan to extend it once more. Go to the call...



15 February 2016 - Registration is now open!

Register now to benefit from low Early Bird registration fees, starting at only 100 EUR! Go to registration...



Key Note Speaker: Mariana Mazzucato

We are pleased to announce Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of the University of Sussex, as our opening keynote speaker at the EU-SPRI Conference in Lund 2016. Read more...



11 January 2016 - Call for Paper Abstract Proposals is open!



We wish to see you in Lund next June at the 2016 EU-SPRI General Conference!


The theme is “Exploring New Avenues for Innovation and Research Policies”. The conference is organized by CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden on June 7-10, 2016.


The Call for Paper Abstract Proposals is open! You can read the call here.



Best regards,


On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee,


Charles Edquist


Rausing Professor in Innovation Studies at CIRCLE, Lund University


Member of the Swedish National Innovation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister


Personal home pagehttp://charlesedquist.com




The EU-SPRI Conference 2016 is organized with generous support from Vinnova and Lund University.


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